Great Moments

Punt, Pass, Kick 2013


GMCapture         GMCapture2

To submit a “GREAT KYFL MOMENT” photo, simply email your action photo of a player, cheerleader or fan, along with a brief description of what’s happening in the photo to within 24 hours following the game/competition at which the photo was taken.

Each photo will be considered for the following…
– Visual Action (if it looks really cool)
– Significant Action (effected the outcome of the game/competition)
– Team Pride (showing our colors proudly)
– Spirit of Competition (great sportsmanship)
– Photo Quality (well taken & delivered)

The photos will be evaluated by one or more KYFL board members, and presented on the home page of the website within 72 hours following the competition.

By submitting a photo to be displayed for any reason on this website, you understand and agree that all photos will be fully downloadable, and KYFL is not responsible for any misuse by any individuals who may download the photos, and who are not affiliated with this website.